Riding for the Wobbly Riders

Today, a friend and I were riding along the Bosque, and I said hello to a fellow rider by his name. My friend said you know people out here by their names. I thought about last summer, unbeknownst to me, I had become a familiar character along the path. But, then again, last year and now, I am not hard to miss. I am overweight rider with a sock monkey on my back. I rode and ride to find a cure for my friends with MS. Some of my friends are so...

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You’re Fine!

I was at a friend’s house after a particularly brutal in my mind, bike ride, and it was full of life, little children running, playing, adults chatting, and general overall chaos and fun.  My friend and I had just trained for an upcoming bike challenge, the MS bike ride.  I was feeling deflated and disgusted, I didn’t go as far, I was tired, and really just wanted to quit.  As I was thinking those thoughts, sweat pouring down my face, and...

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