An Excerpt in My Soul to Keep

The miles skidded underneath the car till I stopped at the spot of my dark transformation. The door creaked an old familiar song as I stepped out into the sand. The scenery was a panoramic view of still deep cobalt blue mountains against a light azure sky. A child’s giggle broke the silence as I looked to see a young girl with ash blonde hair running from her father. He caught her, scooped her up in his arms, and hugged her close. The wind...

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Excerpt from My Soul to Keep

After changing clothes, I went back out and gingerly picked up the rolled up newspaper out of its cavernous hole and unrolled the Albuquerque Journal. Splashed across the headline, in bold, black letters were the words SERIAL KILLER STRIKES AGAIN!   Alisha Myers, thirty-eight, was found murdered in   her Albuquerque, NE Heights home today. Her   boyfriend, Carlos Martinez, who found the body, is   currently being questioned....

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