Riding for Honeycomb

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Legend has it that she stopped me on the trail as I was riding my bike and a friendship of a lifetime began.  I was riding on my bike to train for an upcoming bike trip to Amsterdam.  Introvert that I am and trying to hide the fact that I was dying for air, I kept my head down and didn’t say hi to anyone.  She would pass me by and say hi and the more I bicycled on the Bosque path the more I became familiar with her friendly salutations and began to reply back.  One day she stopped me and introduced herself to me as honeycomb, a nickname her mom had given to her as a child.

I continued on with my small talk, about who I was and kept my information to a minimum,  I was dealing with strangers here in Albuquerque and well to be honest, I didn’t want to meet anyone new.  A couple of years before, I felt like  I had lost everything I had.  Unbeknownst to me, in that year I lost who I was and in the coming years gain so much more.  But that year, I father-in-law, whom I dearly loved passed in January, my mother passed away in April, and as things we left the place that I called home in Taos to move to Albuquerque.  At the time, I didn’t realize that I was in a state of depression that stayed with for a couple of years until what I consider the universe colliding and gave me worlds I never thought I would dream of.  But at the time, I had enough of life and enough of people and I pretty much didn’t want anything to do with anyone.  Punishing my husband for existing and moving to Albuquerque was my sole purpose in life.

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