My Soul to Keep

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The tears blinded me as I looked into the rearview

mirror. My reflection through the haze of mist and pain

was that of a red-eyed monster with wild blonde hair.

The car forced me to pullover. The door hinge

screeched in protest as I pushed the door open. A dirt

devil whirled around me and lashed my skin, then

disappeared into the sky. My tongue tasted dirt and salt.

Anger welled, the monster rose, and I kicked the front

tire and beat on the hood with my fists until the skin

was red and my bones were bruised.

Steam rose in spits and spurts. The monster in me

began to tire because it was losing against a wall of

sadness and despair in the mixture of metal and rubber.

I plopped down on the ground and scanned the horizon

for clues of exactly where in the hell was I. The wind

whipped my hair around and lashed against my face.

Sitting on a cliff, I looked out into the abyss of endless

blue mountains fading further and further into the

background, with red cliffs jutting in and out of my

vision. Tears mixed with sand and burned my eyes.

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