My Conversation with Red Riding Hood

Posted by on August 12, 2015 in Blog | 4 comments

Take off your coat Red Riding Hood and let the world see you! I know we talked last night about your fear, they are my fears too. The world is full of wolves and trolls always waiting to tear you apart, trying to tear pieces of your soul, and bring you to your bloody knees. If I could, I would wrap you in my arms and lead you through the darkness unscathed but I can’t, I can only walk beside you. But take off your coat Red Riding Hood and the let the light that shines within you guide your way. Run naked through the forest, let the wolves gnash at your feet and the trolls try to cut you skin deep for your vulnerability will be your armor. Let the universe see your scars, your tortured marks, and your warrior’s heart.

You have all that you need to fight your way and honestly the wolves can only hurt you, if you believe their lies and tales. Their purpose is too hurt you and yours is to prosper. The world can learn from your pain and your experience but only if you take off your coat Red Riding Hood, put down your basket of food, and take the first step. I know its easier to hide within the walls of your house, shaking in a corner, only looking between the curtains. You have leapt from the closet and you lead a life that is authentically you, now leap past the door and take the path that leads to the forest. Who knows what is on the other side, but you will never know if you don’t take off your coat Red Riding Hood.


  1. Poignant, beautiful, and stirring! My heart aches for Red for we are her and she is us. Thank you for removing your cape to let your light shine, VJ.

    • Thank you so much Stephanie! Thank you for letting your light shine to I can see my out of darkness!.

  2. You should check out “Red” by Kate SeRine for a quirky take on Red Riding Hood!

    • Thanks, I will!! Best to you as well!!

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