Excerpt from My Soul to Keep

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After changing clothes, I went back out and

gingerly picked up the rolled up newspaper out of its

cavernous hole and unrolled the

Albuquerque Journal.

Splashed across the headline, in bold, black letters were

the words



Alisha Myers, thirty-eight, was found murdered in


her Albuquerque, NE Heights home today. Her


boyfriend, Carlos Martinez, who found the body, is


currently being questioned. Police would not speculate


any further details, pending a thorough investigation.


When asked if this case looked like the other murder


cases, Captain Stafford of the Albuquerque Police said,


‘No comment,’ as he plowed through the throng of




A black and white photo on the front page bared the

raw pain on the faces of Alisha’s parents as they

watched a body rolled out of the house. On the gurney

was a simple human form covered by a white sheet that

hid the horrors beneath it. The journal went on to

describe previous victims tortured and murdered, all

found in their homes. They were always women,

various shades of blonde, single, and living alone in the

city. A blonde strand of hair landed on the article and

my muscles trembled at a sudden chill I had. Brushing

the stray strand off, I continued scanning, looking for

any other clues to my newest obsession.

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