Excerpt from My Soul to Keep

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Running away from the hand of God, I sprinted the short

distance home and held onto my wounds tightly to stop

them from bleeding. Finally, I fell onto my porch, the

blood oozed between my fingers and onto the planks of

wood. The tink, tink sound of blood pouring into metal

echoed in my ears and drowned out the chirping of the

spring birds. Reaching for the doorknob, my sunbaked

skin had become white as snow. The blood had

completely disappeared. Now, I’m haunted by illusions

and they’re not even illusions of grandeur. With all the

strength I had left, I willed myself up and pushed the

door in. “That fucking sucks!” and crossed the

threshold into my cave, back into the dark womb. I laid

my heated forehead against the cool of the adobe to

ease my delusional fever.

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