Easter and Reflection

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This year, Easter has been a time of reflection for me. I was thinking about the symbology of the crucifixion and the rise of soul.  Upon that cross, I nail all of my past thoughts, beliefs, and ideology.  I whip and scorn away all the guilt, the sadness, and the anger.  And I have been thinking about the rise of the new me from the scared little girl to the adult willing to take more risks and a little more adventures.  It is also been a time of remembrance, last week we lost a matriarch within our family tree.  And as I reflect about the women within my family, I am in awe.  They are and were some of the most formidable examples of warriors, I know.  Though they did not fight battles of blood and sand, their wars were just as bravely fought.  They lived through all the painful things that life has to offer and remained resilient.  One was paralyzed in body and the other in mind, but they showed such strength and courage, always with a sense of humor.  I admire them so much because of the lessons they have taught me. One is the lesson of being fierce in the face of despair. It is easy to crumble and lay on the side of the road in hopelessness, but harder to rise above it and stand.  Two is the lesson of acceptance, my aunt accepted what she could not change and lived with paralysis and even at the end of her life she was asked if she wanted to continue, it would have been so easy to give up, no one would have blamed her.  She said she wanted to live to see her grandkids grow up.  So finding the smallest miracles and focusing on them.  As a young girl, their lives seemed easy and now I know they were the strongest people I know.  They are my role models and the ones some here and some gone, they are the ones I will look to for strength and hope.

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