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The wind slammed the door open. Heat from the fall sun rushed in and sucked all of the air out of the room. The blistering air seared my throat and vanquished the breath from my lungs. Groping on the ground for my gun, I knew what was next. They would scramble through the door looking to feast on the living. My fingernails scraped down the floor, searching for purpose, but my leg remained trapped underneath the debris. Hopelessness swirled in my blood and anger pumped through my heart. The sun pelted through the window and I twisted my body...

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Desert Bones and the Rider

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Alone, parched and without water or food and I was melting in the high desert sun and waiting for God. Of course, it was 2 miles to the finish line, and I had just had a fill up of water 8 miles ago. But none of that mattered. Last weekend, I biked for my friends who suffer from Multiple Sclerosis. It’s an ego trip really; I bike for those who can’t, and I am called champion for it. It is a frightening disease. I am their witness to pain and suffering, and the only thing I can do is get on a bike and ride for them. What I learned is that God,...

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My Conversation with Red Riding Hood

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Take off your coat Red Riding Hood and let the world see you! I know we talked last night about your fear, they are my fears too. The world is full of wolves and trolls always waiting to tear you apart, trying to tear pieces of your soul, and bring you to your bloody knees. If I could, I would wrap you in my arms and lead you through the darkness unscathed but I can’t, I can only walk beside you. But take off your coat Red Riding Hood and the let the light that shines within you guide your way. Run naked through the forest, let the wolves...

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Squeezing in Faith

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I never understood the statements, “faith can move mountains” or “have a little faith” until this day. Passing by my parked car on my bicycle, I began to curse and yell, all strictly within my head, lest I be taken off the biking trail for insane behavior. I had just biked 16 miles and when I saw my car partially blocked in, I decided an extra 4 miles would appease my irrational thought behavior. Instead, anger sped me on and all I could think about how many tow trucks I would need. When I finally returned, sweaty and in a snit, I assessed...

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Assume the Position

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Assume the position Size does not matter, well at least according to my cat, Mouse. My 14 pound 16 year old cat has the fortitude of the gods. She leads a life of luxury but makes odd choices. For example, she has a heated fur lined bed and opts for the crinkly plastic bag a foot from her bed. But what she continually teaches me is determination, no matter what the obstacle, such as unsuspecting sleeping humans. Her perfect heaven is within the armpit of my husband and she will do whatever takes to reach that exulted position. In the middle...

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It’s All About Me

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My friend has a Crayola Box of unique and interesting friends. She loves the different and strange and I feel honored to be part of her creative and beautiful world. Both of us worked at the same place and were having a conversation one day. She was telling me something personal and I remarked back about how that happened to me. She whipped around, looked at me, and spoke vehemently these simple words. “This is not about you, this is about me.” I was completely in shock and so offended that I stopped talking for like a moment. I also grumbled...

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The Will to Live in the House of Death

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I yelled and brought my husband close to see what the clamor was about. He looked at the object of my uproar, grunted, and walked away. Obviously, he did not share in my enthusiasm. My plant had birthed a baby leaf. You have to understand my house is where plants come to die. Every year, I go and find a Wandering Jew to take home. I find the most brilliant, thriving beautiful plant the one that I believe has the best chance for survival. They always have vibrant purple and green leaves, vines that coil and move like Medusa’s hair. Then I...

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Claus on Cognac and other Remarkable Gifts I have Received

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  Claus on Cognac   I thought Stephan was the creepiest thing I have ever seen. He had wide blue eyes with straight eyelashes that stared straight to the core of soul. My friend has an Elf an on Shelf and I when I saw the thing through pictures, I was kind of mortified. I couldn’t believe the kids would actually want him around, she said her kids loved him. The premise is that Stephan, (his adopted name) brought out of the basement at the beginning of December, watches over the house and reports to Santa. She, the mother, would move...

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A Perspective on Immigration

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I won’t pretend to know much about the immigration issue. I understand both points of view, refugees escaping and wanting a better life or people taking advantage of an already overburdened system. However, I do have a personal perspective on it. I consider my Grandma, a Saint, she was a gentle, loving, and kind Grandma, but she didn’t let us get away with murder. She wiped our tears with her thumb and baked bread in the kitchen. She was the woman who eased our heartache and laughed at our silly jokes, mostly she just loved us. She loved all...

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Riding for the Wobbly Riders

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Today, a friend and I were riding along the Bosque, and I said hello to a fellow rider by his name. My friend said you know people out here by their names. I thought about last summer, unbeknownst to me, I had become a familiar character along the path. But, then again, last year and now, I am not hard to miss. I am overweight rider with a sock monkey on my back. I rode and ride to find a cure for my friends with MS. Some of my friends are so debilitated that they ride with me in my heart because they can no longer ride with me physically....

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