An Excerpt from My Soul to Keep

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The show was over, the balloons had risen, and the

landscape was a dull brown with floating toys above us.

The surprise was gone, the package opened, but it was a

beautiful sight forever burned into memory. We walked

back to his motorcycle and I picked up the helmet with

duct tape crisscrossed against the visor.

“You’ll have to take it off if you want to see.” He

got on his motorcycle and revved it up.

Guess the


romantic moment just ended.


With all this newfound

trust and faith, I decided to put my life in his hands and

hooked the helmet on the back of his Harley. Then I

heard the best words ever. “Let’s ride.”

We thundered out of the parking lot and on to the

highway headed north. The New Mexico landscape

rushed around us in waves of sand-colored houses and

blue green sage. I was a child again, letting the

neighborhood boy push the merry-go-round as I lay on

the surface and watched the clouds spin into circles.

Purplish-blue mountains passed by and all the trees

were an artist’s palette of color. The world zoomed past

in a flash as I was holding on for dear life.

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