An excerpt from “My Soul to Keep” Meeting with a serial killer.

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“Hello, Carolina.” His speech had that same perfect

vernacular. My name rung in my ears and I almost

backed out. My hand was on the doorknob behind me

holding on for dear life. Shards of pain radiated from

the doorknob poking into the small of my back. “Come

here, Carolina, have a seat.” He motioned with his eyes

to the empty seat. He hands reached for the table, but

only his fingertips touched the edge. Pensively, I sat

down, placed my palms upon the table, and looked into

the abyss of evil.

“You were my favorite one, so far.” He licked his

lips. My fingers dug into the table. He flashed his

brilliant smile. “I told you wouldn’t forget me.” My

hands left the table and left sweaty prints behind. I

couldn’t do this; I couldn’t hear his voice without

reliving every single cut, every feeling of the knife

flaying my skin. “You are wondering why, aren’t you?”

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