About the Book

About the Book: My Soul to Keep

My Soul To Keep - Book CoverCarolina is a forty year old criminal. Well, actually, she is murderer, though she would not admit that to you. She has been on the parole for 5 years and on the run from the past, her deeds are catching up with her just as she as there is a glimmer of hope for a normal life.

Gabriel the bad boy next door comes into her life at an awkward moment. Despite her intuition to stay away from the bad boy kind, she finds herself attracted to this troublemaker and fears being swayed into a dangerous life as she was by the bad boy from her past.

To complicate things even more, Seth, a reverend from a local church is charming, and very handsome and flashes the perfect smile.  He finds Carolina to be the perfect woman.  But there is something about him she just quite put her finger on.

Carolina wrestles the guilt of the past while trying to stay in the present.   Meanwhile, a serial killer is stalking Albuquerque and Carolina fits his type of victim.  One night with a serial kill changes everything….


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