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Biography of V. J. Prucha

Valerie Prucha - Author I have lived in the land of enchantment all of my life and can’t imagine living anywhere else.  We have it all here: landscape, culture, history, and living characters.

I had an inclination towards writing all my life and wasn’t serious about it till recently when I met and followed “The Tom Bird Method” and wrote a novel that had played itself out in my head for about a year.  After the conclusion of  pain, sweat, and tears, I found that no matter what I did, I had to admit that I was a writer.

I take myself to another world and get lost in it.  I love the creative control of what my characters do.  But in all honesty, I am merely a pen for their inclinations.  I can think forever, what if this character does that and end up with only a blank page.  However, when I simply let the characters have their own way, they run off the page and leave a story behind.

My husband and I are the privileged servants of a Great Dane/Mastiff and a cat who views us as lounge furniture.

I hope you enjoy my book and as much as I enjoyed writing it!



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