You’re Fine!

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I was at a friend’s house after a particularly brutal in my mind, bike ride, and it was full of life, little children running, playing, adults chatting, and general overall chaos and fun.  My friend and I had just trained for an upcoming bike challenge, the MS bike ride.  I was feeling deflated and disgusted, I didn’t go as far, I was tired, and really just wanted to quit.  As I was thinking those thoughts, sweat pouring down my face, and drinking lemonade in her house, when one of the little children as all four year olds do, tripped, and fell.  She started crying and wailing.  Her father picked her up, checked her out, and dusted her off. I could sympathize right now, although I didn’t fall, I could feel how terrible life was at the moment.  I am riding for my friends to find a cure for MS and I couldn’t even do the mileage I wanted to that day, the sun had beaten me, the miles were too much, and I hated life at the moment.  I watched and thought what a wonderful dad, he had picked her up, held her, and made sure she was fine.  Right as I was lamenting quitting the bike ride, quitting life, and joining that little girl in a nice little cry rant, he looked at her. Her mouth opened for what looked like was going to be a good scream and in a strong, steady voice, he said, “You’re fine!” She looked at him with all the surprise one little girl could have and then he put her down.  She stood there for a moment and surveyed the rest of the adults who were keeping in their giggles and then she ran off and played.  I thought about that.  We all need someone to pick us up, check us out, listen to us, and then yell “You’re fine!”  After that, anytime I felt discouraged or wanted to complain how hot it was, how long the ride was, or that hill was just too much, I yell, “I’m fine!” and somehow I find the courage to move forward.  It caught on our bike team, unfortunately, mostly for just me, because I am the only one that really complains.  So the minute I open my mouth, now, my friends check me out, see my tears, hug me and then yell “You’re fine!” and you know what they’re right.  I am fine and I continue down the road.

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