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Thank you very much for taking time to visit my website.

As your hostess and the author of unusual works of fiction, allow me to entice you with a free sampleChapter One of my latest novel,

My Soul to Keep.Author

As an author, I wanted to discover the resiliency of human beings, I write to the find the answer to the question that intrigues me the most, how does one survive trauma and become truly resilient?  I also wanted answers about the darker side of humanity, why does a human being follow their darkest side without any kind of empathy for their fellow man?

Come follow me as I write about Carolina Stronghill and her survival of one of the most brutal nights of her life and explore the question,

Who would you become after one night with a serial killer?

Any of my works can be purchased and downloaded here as e-book or I am happy to ship you a hardcopy. Just click and follow the prompts.


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